Friday, April 20, 2012

GUEST POST: Anna Mayle & Faerie Magic

So, I'm sure one day I'll find the time to get my own posts up here, but until then, enjoy this guest post by Anna Mayle, author of the Stolen Child series, tales about faeries and humans with a unique flavor.

Today she's here to tell us about Faerie Magic and share an excerpt from the latest book in the series. Sit back, learn a bit about magic, and then maybe go buy the book. Rather, definitely go by the book. You won't regret it.

Ya'll have fun, and thank you, Anna, for dropping in! <3

Faerie Magic
Faerie magics are as varied and individual as the Fae themselves. Some hold most of their magic inside of them. These are fast and strong, with jaws more powerful than steel and teeth or claws sharper than diamond. They can shed their skins to change shape. They can use their voices to bring death or delight. They can exist in places nothing living should be able to go. Other Fae hold more magic around them. These Faeries cast spells into the world or weave them upon mortals. They can create things, gold from straw and the like. They can change people’s perception, weave worlds within worlds. They create circles where time slows and where the whim of the Fae is command. These are only a very base few legends.

This is what makes writing about them so fun, the sky is not the limit. There is no limit. If you can dream it, there is a Fae, somewhere, who has probably done it. For better or worse

All of this magic isn’t always so grand for the Fae though. There are legends wherein the very existence of the Fae upon this plane hinges on magic spun around human belief in the unseen.  In those legends for one reason or another, the magic tied these beings of pure power and otherness, to our limited selves, and they couldn’t undo it. Even in stories where they are free from such bonds, there is more to worry about. Though some have complete control , other Fae exist in wild magic, chaos. Those magics are controlled not by spell or will, but merely a thought. Some magics control the Fae just as much as the Fae controls them. And some of the Fae who do control their magic are more chaotic than the magic could ever be on its own. All of that power can be worrisome to the Fae as it is to us.

It definitely causes Leinad and Daniel both no end of trouble…

Nearly a year since the nightmare at the cabin. Life for Daniel and Leinad hasn't gotten easier, but at least there is something to say for familiarity. They fight, they threaten, but they love each other and in the end, that should be enough.

It isn't.

When the shadows start stealing closer, and the past begins catching up to them, how long will the two lovers have before the Fae in Daniel emerges, and before Leinad has to face his own demons once again? Until the harsh light of reality engulfs the fragile world they've built for themselves?

How long will it be until daybreak?