Thursday, April 30, 2015


April was kind of a slump. I started and DNF'd 4 books, and I just sorta... lost interest, dreading that the next book I tried would end up the same way.


The Lawman's Librarian by Rebecca Brochu

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

anniversary giveaway: audiobooks


So, LT3 has some cool, exciting stuff going on in celebration of our 6-year anniversary. You should definitely go check that out.

I'm here to give away some audiobooks. Because audiobooks are awesome. Before we get into that, let's discuss the giveaway. Conducted via Rafflecopter (below), 10 winners will be selected. Each winner will receive an Audible download code* for one of the following titles:

Dragon Slayer
Love You Like a Romance Novel
Alpha Trine
Saving Liam
Backwoods Asylum
Finding the Wolf
Dance with the Devil

There are two comment options in the Rafflecopter. The first one is mandatory. In order for me to select you as a winner, you must provide a list of the 10 titles ranked in order of preference (1 is the highest). Each winner will be awarded the highest ranked title available from this list. You must provide a list. "I don't care" or "it doesn't matter" are not qualifying responses.

* NOTE: codes can only be redeemed at Please make sure to indicate in your comment if you are a non-US resident so that the audiobook can be sent to you. 

The second comment option is entirely optional for extra entries:

What has been your experience with audiobooks? Do you love'em or hate'em? Do you have a favorite audiobook or narrator?

If you're new to audiobooks, what's prompted you to start?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Since I brought it up, I'll start. My first audiobook was a Danielle Steel novel that I got as a Christmas present in... middle school? high school? One of those. (It was on audio cassette even because this was the dark ages of the mid-90s ^^)

I did not enjoy it (I'm very decidedly not a Danielle Steel fan). I'm also hindered by the fact that I'm not an auditory learner, which makes focusing on an audiobook something of a trial. I had a hard time in school because it was difficult for me to follow along/understand the lesson, and it was really easy for me to lose focus on whatever was being discussed and not learn a damn thing.

Audiobooks are very similar in this respect. I have to make a concerted effort to pay attention and keep up with what's happening. And I spend many a listen having to rewind a section because I either zoned out at some point or can't quite grasp what's happening.

So audiobooks require a lot of concentration on my part. I fought them for a long time as a result of this. Because, damnit, entertainment should not require so much effort.

But I have been getting more into them the past couple of years. Audiobooks can be fun for me because they give me a chance to branch out. With audio, I find myself reading genres other than romance. The first few I bought were romance, but I just really didn't enjoy them, even though the books themselves are ones I liked. Then I got into Doctor Who, so I bought a couple of DW books (because they were short, cheap, and the one was narrated by David Tennant - I'm cheap & easy ^^;).

I also bought some of my favorite Russian novels (in Russian), figuring it wouldn't matter so much if I zoned out since my Russian is rather deplorable at this point anyway, but they did make for good ambient noise. And every so often I recognize a word and feel briefly proud of myself. (Take the win).

From there I've dipped my toe into fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, mystery... I've picked up some Stephen King and Joe Hill. Since I've been enjoying Hannibal on NBC, I decided to be adventurous and try Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs. I've also re-introduced myself to Dean Koontz since picking up audiobooks. I'd read a few of his books when I was in high school and enjoyed them, but kinda fell out of it in college. My Audible library is a crazy, eclectic mix of genres.

Even two years ago I never would have considered any of these books for myself. Somehow, audio makes me more adventurous. It's been fun.

My favorite books so far have been: The Firebird by Susanna Kearsley and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King (if you're looking for recs btw, start there: Anne Heche narrates and it's just so fucking amazing).

Other books I've liked: Horns by Joe Hill, Strange Highways and Fear Nothing by Dean Koontz.

Favorite narrators: Keith Szarabajka and Katherine Kellgren.

Other narrators I've enjoyed: Arthur Darvill, Anne Heche, and Neil Gaiman.